Links related to various aspects of crystal radio set design and construction, several component suppliers, a Museum collection of antique wireless and scientific instruments, Electronic Engineering info resources, some related Clubs and more

Antique Radio Classified - A magazine with much much more than classified ads
Antique Radio Schematics - Comprehensive
Blonder Tongue Labs - The best durn Electronics Company in the world!
Borden Radio Company - A good source for Antique Radio Kits, Parts and much more
Crystal receivers, by Dick Kleijer -  An excellent Site for most all aspects of crystal set design, theory and practice
Dave's Homemade Radios - Excellent place for radios, parts, resources and descriptions of more unique homemade radios than I have ever seen before
ePanorama - Almost all about electronics - Covers a wide range of topics
Glowbugs - Members of this Email list find interesting discussions on tube-related electronics topics
Gollum's Crystal Receiver World - A comprehensive Site for crystal set and radio related info of all types. First private WWW Crystal receiver home page; established in 09/28/1996
Hans' Site - Great Site for Interesting Original Radio, Electronics and Computing Projects
Headwize - Almost all you ever wanted to know about headphones
Jim's Crystal Radio Page - A great site showing interesting inovations as well as applications of the use of ferrite core inductors. Crystal radios and parts are also for sale
New Jersey Antique Radio Club - Lots of good stuff - Check it out
Our House News - Homebrew headphones and other good info
Peeble's Originals - A great source for Crystal, Tube and Transistor Radio Kits, Parts, Plans, Vintage Publications, Books, Detailed Design Info and Ready-to-go Sets
Play Things of the Past - Old radio parts galore!
Radio, Electronics and Computing Projects by Hans Summers - Lots of interesting projects and info you won't find elsewhere
Scott's Crystal Radios - Excellent site - Includes vast headphone Museum
SkyWaves by Al Klase, N3FRQ - An authoritative site 
The Old Radio Builder - Excellent help on attaining that "vintage" look
The Radio Club of America - The World's First Radio Communications Society
The Xtal Set Society - The name says it all. Check out the discussion group "Rap 'n Tap"
Vintage Radio and Electronics - Excellent Site for all radio experimenters, much reference info
Yahoo! Groups: thecrystalsetradioclub. - The group is by invitation only - You may contact Ferrite61 at and ask for an invitation

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